JWN board recommends Lane County engage independent consultant for MAT clinic

The Jefferson Westside Neighbors Executive Board adopted a motion to “recommend that Lane County engage a principal researcher for onsite consultation and education related to the Medication-Assisted Treatment clinic planned to be operated in the JWN.”

I recently advised Lane County Health and Human Services Director, Karen Gaffney, that she should contact Dr. Dana Hunt, a nationally-recognized expert on opioid addiction and treatment, who is a principal researcher with Abt Associates in Boston, Massachusetts. With her extensive work around the country, Dr. Hunt has gained decades of on-the-ground experience with Methadone treatments and dispensing clinics. She has seen the “best” and the “worst” and could provide specific assessments and recommendations regarding Lane County’s operational plans for the MAT clinic on W. 11th Ave.

Abt Associates is a global leader in state-of-the-art research, monitoring and evaluation. An evaluation by a senior Abt researcher would enable Lane County HHS to ensure the planned MAT clinic program is serving both patients and the surrounding neighborhood in an exemplary manner from the very start.

Dr. Hunt has said she would be willing to provide on-site consulting for a substantially reduced fee as a service to the JWN and Lane County. Click here to view Dr. Hunt’s full resume.

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One thought on “JWN board recommends Lane County engage independent consultant for MAT clinic

  1. Very concerned for my downtown business . On how this clinic is operated. Some clinic are horrible and horrendous. Some are ran properly.


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