Questions presented to Lane County staff

On January 13, 2020, the Chair of Jefferson Westside Neighbors presented Karen Gaffney, Director of Health and Human Services, the following list of questions regarding the planned Methadone-dispensing clinic:

  1. What medications (drug and form, e.g. liquid, tablet, etc.) will be dispensed by the clinic?
  2. What accreditation(s), certification(s), and registration(s) does the program have currently?
  3. What additional, new or renewed accreditation(s), certification(s), and/or registration(s) are required of planned for operation at the new site?
  4. What independent evaluations have been done of the program since January 1, 2017? What independent evaluations are planned for the operation at the new site, and for when are those planned?
  5. What is the target date for initial operations?
  6. What will be the days and hours of operation?
  7. How many client visits per day are planned for initial operations? (The same client visiting twice in one day counts as “2”.)
  8. What is the approximate, estimated client visits in half-hour increments during the hours of operation?
  9. What is the estimated means and immediate routes of clients arriving and departing the clinic; i.e., arrive/depart by bus; by private car, by tax/uber/lift; by bicycle (what routes); by walking (what routes)?
  10. How many employees will work at or be based from the site?
  11. How many doctors will work at the site and what would be the doctors’ daily schedules when doctors are working at the site?
  12. How many security personnel will work at the site and what would be their daily schedules when security personnel are working at the site?
  13. What will be the capacity of the inside waiting area? What will be provided for seating and amenities (e.g., coffee service)?
  14. What is the potential, whether in current plans or not, scale for expansion of the number of clients at the site?
  15. What is the plan for security during hours when the operation is closed?
  16. What are the plans to prevent or substantially mitigate negative impacts to clients and citizens from off-site behaviors, especially within the proximate area, such as sale of methadone by patients, sale of drug paraphernalia to patients, recruitment of patients for drug use, theft, etc.? (The “proximate area” should include the area bounded by Jefferson and Washington Streets and W. Broadway and W. 13th Aves.)
  17. What are the plans for reporting complaints and rapid response?
  18. What are the plans, including metrics, for monitoring, reporting and evaluating impacts on citizens in the proximate area, including residents, property owners, business owners and individuals visiting or passing through the area?

If you have questions about the MAT clinic operations and impacts, you can post a comment on this blog and I will forward it. Or, send it to Karen Gaffney directly at the address in the sidebar.

As responses to questions are provided, I will post them here.

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