JWN Meeting: Q & A with Lane County staff — February 11

The Jefferson Westside Neighbors (JWN) will hold its monthly General Meeting at which staff from Lane County Health and Human Services will be available for Q & A regarding the MAT Clinic from JWN members. I’m not sure whether the HHS Director, Karen Gaffney, will participate; but I hope she will take this opportunity to directly engage community members.

Meeting details:
Date & Time: February 11 at 6:45 p.m.
Where: First United Methodist Church; 1376 Olive Street

On January 21, the JWN Executive Board approved motions to recommend Lane County engage an independent expert to evaluate the proposed MAT operation and provide recommendations. (See the new post below.) As provided in the JWN bylaws, the JWN members attending the General Meeting will have the opportunity to discuss and potentially modify or rescind the board’s action.

I have recommended that Lane County engage a national expert, Dr. Dana Hunt, who has extensive ‘real world” experience with Methadone-dispensing clinics, including ones that are sited and operated so they do not have negative impacts on the immediate residents and business, as well as mismanaged operations that have created serious problems for both their patients and the immediate community. I encourage you to review Dr. Hunt’s credentials and support bringing her to Eugene.
Dana Hunt, Ph.D., Senior Researcher at Abt Associates

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