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Why California Elections Should Be Decided On More Than Race

Why California Elections Should Be Decided On More Than Race

Op-Ed: Racial divides in Los Angeles politics are wrong morally and pragmatically

Los Angeles may be the most racially diverse city in the nation, but its most prominent politics are deeply segregated.

As a result, there is no one political party representing everyone here.

As an immigrant from South Africa, I have been able to participate in politics here in one of the country’s most diverse cities, but it’s hard for me to fully feel part of the city until it changes, in my opinion.

I cannot see how California elections should be decided on the most basis of race, and the current political parties clearly have not changed this.

That means that every election should be decided on more than race.

Because the political parties aren’t representative, they can’t represent, and thus no true democracy can take place.

But it’s not just voting-related. The parties are also in control of city and state budgets, and of the schools. They have also controlled the government for decades.

That means they’re in charge of everything that people need to live here and to work here.

These parties are now the only ones that are keeping our government from making fundamental changes in our immigration policy and our climate policy.

I’m sick of having to vote as an immigrant, or be a minority, or be a person of color, because that’s all that the parties can elect, regardless of who is running.

If a black woman is running for something-or-other, you have to vote for her — and you don’t get to vote along side her, because if that’s not what you support, you’re somehow not voting for her.

And if you support the party line, you support what they’re voting for.

That’s why I think it’s the most important issue this election, because it’s not just voting-related.

It’s not just immigration, or climate change, or anything else that the parties want you to vote against.

People of color, immigrants, climate activists and socialists are being silenced in many ways, and when

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