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The race for San Fernando Valley’s House District 14 is about who wins

The race for San Fernando Valley's House District 14 is about who wins

Martinez’s resignation sets off scramble for mid-San Fernando Valley seat

The race for House District 14 in San Fernando Valley is taking on a new character as the four Republican candidates vying for the seat are jockeying for position and trying to distance themselves from Martinez, who resigned Oct. 1 as San Fernando Valley’s second-highest-ranking official.

A poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg shows the four vying for the seat to be between Republican David Sanchez and Democratic Assemblyman Jim Patterson, who has been leading the contest, on 45% of the vote in a three-way race.

But with a new top candidate emerging for the seat who may have an easier time gaining support, the race is about much more than who wins.


After hearing of Martinez’s resignation, the top Republicans in the House, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Burbank, and House Majority Leader Ellen Tauscher, R-Huntington Park, are now in a competition of their own.

Tauscher, who represents the district after redistricting, said Wednesday the four candidates vying for Martinez’s seat are all in competition to replace him.

“We’re all trying to show that we have the ability and the expertise to be elected at this time,” Tauscher said. “None of these other three candidates has an advantage. No one has more money. No one has more experience. No one has lived better than I have.”

Sanchez, the GOP candidate in the June 13 byelection in the district, said he is now running against “the incumbent.”

“I’m just going to work hard to get elected,” Sanchez said. “I believe the voters are going to make their voices heard.”

The top two Democrats in the race are Patterson and attorney Karen Keeton of Los Feliz.

Patterson, who is seeking another term representing the district after winning in June, said he is still holding out hope that he will be the GOP nominee he was in 2006 when he narrowly lost to then-Rep. Luis B. Mendonca, R-Alhambra, with more than 70% of the vote then.

The Times/Bloomberg poll shows only 41% of voters supporting Patterson, compared to 36% for

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