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The jury in the Danny Masterson trial deliberated for a second time Friday

The jury in the Danny Masterson trial deliberated for a second time Friday

Jury at stalemate in Danny Masterson rape trial; deliberations to resume after Thanksgiving

The jury in the Danny Masterson trial deliberated Friday for a second time, ending the week with a deadlocked vote on whether he should be convicted of sexual assault.

The process of determining Masterson’s fate continues through the holiday season by the time we finish our next update on Monday. We’ll be re-reporting the latest developments in this story throughout the morning.

Today’s update

In just less than two hours, the jury returned its vote for guilty. The verdict was split 19 to 1 on sexual battery, with one juror saying her vote was split between guilty and not guilty. The jury foreman told a reporter after the verdict that the vote was 8 to 4, with four believing Masterson should be convicted of sexual battery and one believing he should be acquitted. One juror said she believed Masterson “should be found not guilty,” and another said he was “not guilty.”

The jury had been deliberating for about three hours Friday afternoon. At about 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the jury began their deliberations for the fourth time, and then called the judge to ask for additional time to continue. The judge granted their request and resumed deliberations Friday night. The following day, the judges asked the jurors to discuss the evidence again and consider a case on which they had not reached a conclusion – i.e., whether Masterson is the one accused of the crime.

In our update on Tuesday, we learned that several jurors didn’t believe Masterson was the one who sexually assaulted the young woman. They believed an eyewitness could have mistaken him for the assailant, or perhaps the woman was merely mistaken during the attack for someone else. The defense also asked the jury to consider a second accuser, who had not identified Masterson as the perpetrator when he was arrested two years ago. The victim and the other woman did not identify themselves, according to police.

The jury began their discussions over the weekend with the prosecution, but they began with the defense, in the form of arguments and theories the attorneys

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