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The Golden Girls Are Dead

The Golden Girls Are Dead

Editorial: Don’t forget about Brittney Griner

The Golden Girls, perhaps the only group of any size and quality left on television, has been in my opinion, at least on the level of entertainment, dead for a long time now. Yet, I was reminded of the series last week while watching episodes of the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

On Days, we get a little bit of that old show’s familiar magic — the way the characters are able to take what is happening at the moment and make it seem like the most logical and most appropriate to the situation. And then, when something does happen that seems ridiculous or far-fetched, we get the feeling that someone at the highest levels of the corporation is trying to cover their back.

It’s that sense of “the best laid plans of mice and men” that gets us into such bizarre predicaments. In fact, I was reminded of this when I heard that it was the day-time drama The Young and the Restless that ended its 10-year run on NBC. At the time I assumed it meant NBC was letting it go.

Then I went home and checked, and indeed, it seems to be true. And it’s also interesting in that it is the kind of thing that seems to be happening every day in society right now.

“To be successful, today’s corporations and politicians need to keep their word. The promise must be made to be broken.”

When the company that owns The Young and the Restless decided to end it after 10 years, they apparently didn’t think of how many other shows would be affected by this decision — or how many viewers would leave their home in disgust and go to the box office instead of watching their television with the family, thus eroding the dollar value of the property.

Don’t forget the money made from people who buy that television set. Remember who the real estate developers are, who the real estate companies are and who the lawyers are who can get us in for such a high price. And don’t forget what the real-estate agents do. They make money from us.

In fact, it’s not quite like that. It’s not quite like that

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