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The Electoral College Is Not a Problem

The Electoral College Is Not a Problem

Editorial: Congress must update Electoral Count Act to prevent another coup attempt

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This editorial was published in the Spring 2015 issue of the Louisiana Leader.

If only Americans could vote for only one person, like every U.S. citizen is entitled to vote for one person, just one, but not more than one. The Electoral College would be abolished.

The Electoral College ensures that the person voted for does not get exactly the same number of votes that the elector voted for in the election. This ensures that in the rare event of a tie in a national election, the candidate who wins the most votes wins the election.

We have a second reason for the Electoral College. We have all seen the results of elections where the electoral college was involved. In Florida, the Electoral College split the state vote and prevented a Democrat from winning the presidency. In the 2016 presidential election, Democrat Hillary Clinton won the electoral vote but did not win the popular vote against Republican Donald Trump. The same thing happened in Ohio, where the presidential election was decided by just a few votes.

We still have the Electoral College as it is called, but we need to do something about it. On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed the Electoral College Reform and Enforcement Act of 2017. It is time for the Senate to act on this important bill. The next two weeks will be crucial for the Senate to pass this bill before there is an attempt to change the rules in the Electoral College.

The Electoral College is not an issue that just affects one state or even a single district. It affects every state in this nation. It is an issue that touches our federal, state, and local elections. It affects our ability to elect the president of the United States. In order to protect us, we need a national law addressing this issue. Our Founding Fathers created the Electoral College so that one person could be voted in as president. This is a rule to prevent a person who has no chance of winning an election from being in the office.

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