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The City of Miami is Going to Be Great

The City of Miami is Going to Be Great

From LeBron to Legend, celebs praise Mayor-elect Karen Bass: ‘CONGRATULATIONS QUEEN!’

Posted by Mike Florio on April 29, 2014, 1:28 PM EST

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The City of Miami is going to be great.

That’s the message Mayor-elect Karen Bass took to her Facebook page and Twitter on Monday night after winning the Democratic primary. The former mayor’s team went to work crafting a comprehensive vision statement as they prepared to kick-off the election season, and there’s plenty of enthusiasm from the city’s former star player, LeBron James, to bask in.

“I’m ecstatic that the City of Miami will be the ‘it’ spot on the planet,” he said in a statement. “‘It’s go time for the city of Miami’!

“The people are ready for change. The energy level is high. We have great talent in our new administration, great energy in our citizens and great leadership in our City Council!”

Bass, who campaigned on a “fresh” vision for the city, promised more arts, high-tech and a better way to connect to the world. She made her announcement at a downtown Miami rally and then took to Twitter to announce she was officially in elected office.

@theCityOfMiami Yes. Miami is going to be great!

I am proud to be your mayor. I am ready to make Miami Greater.

I am ready to create an inclusive city that is more creative and more progressive.

I am ready to bring Miami into the 21st century and beyond. – @KarenBASS

The city’s political leaders will be tasked with keeping the momentum going going into the next year. The city’s next mayor will be facing a daunting budget and pension challenges and is likely to be tasked with putting together a spending plan of her own.

“I am humbled by the people’s excitement for our city,” said Bass, who previously worked in Miami’s City Development Corporation before becoming mayor in 2009. “This feels like a natural, organic move by the people of Miami, people who are looking for change and are ready to transform our city.”

The new mayor’s

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