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The Best Places to Paddle on the Oregon Coast

The Best Places to Paddle on the Oregon Coast

Savoring Oregon’s Wine Country, No Driving Required

Paddling around in a canoe is great for getting a feel for a new waterway, but for a vacation, it’s a bit of an imposition. While the Oregon Coast is renowned for its ocean wilderness, getting there means hauling your craft from the nearest trailhead to the nearest beach on a rented kayak or an outfitted canoe.

That may sound like an awesome adventure from the get-go, but for many, the reality is something else entirely, with the potential to cost far more than the rental costs. The good news is that canoeing is, in essence, a vacation – one that you no longer need a driver’s license to enjoy.

Instead, the key ingredients for this “new” kind of Oregon canoe are inexpensive and easily accessible. While the Oregon Coast has more than 200 miles of beaches for you and your family to enjoy, you’ll also find plenty of places to paddle around the many lakes, rivers and creeks that make up the state. And, if you’re not looking to paddle back, there is no reason not to get out on the water.

A few places to paddle on the Oregon Coast

Oregon is a state that is made for paddling. With some of the most amazing creeks, lakes and rivers in the Pacific Northwest, the coast of Oregon offers a variety of places to explore in the water. Here are a few of the best places to explore on the Oregon Coast.

The Oregon Coast is dotted with thousands of lakes, many with no public access. And even as we drive our kayaks down a road lined with trees, we often forget that we are in the midst of the Pacific Northwest, which makes the many lakes here, which are sometimes only accessible by kayak, a lot more enticing than their coastal neighbors.

From the mouth of the Columbia River to the mouth of the Salish Sea, you’ll find many miles of shoreline packed with kayaking opportunities. Just about every lake and river is a great place to paddle, and there are many

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