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Roger Federer and Jake Tapper exchange tears and laughter during an interview

Roger Federer and Jake Tapper exchange tears and laughter during an interview

See Roger Federer share tears and laughter with CNN reporter in interview

Roger Federer and CNN correspondent Jake Tapper traded tears and laughter during an interview.

Published March 28. 2014 4:00PM | Updated March 28. 2014 10:09PM

Federer and Tapper exchanged words as they discussed the end of his career and the future of tennis, after Federer won two of his four Grand Slam titles but was dogged by injuries.

Federer, who famously calls Tapper a friend, spent at least 30 minutes on the settee discussing his life.

The two talked about their tennis on the court and the media was in.

Here are some of the quotes that were exchanged:

JE: Roger, I don’t play tennis very much. (laughs). I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other sportsperson who has just come out and said, like, ‘I don’t do sports. I don’t do anything.’ It’s really nice to hear you talk about, like…

RF: (laughs)

JE:…being at home more.

RF: (laughs) Yeah, I love it.

JE: Do you think you’ll play again?

Tapper asked the Federer about his retirement hopes.

The 35-year-old said he didn’t care anymore whether he kept working or stopped working. He’s retiring because he’s spent his entire life devoted to tennis and “when you’re a tennis player, you don’t want to play any other sport, you want to be playing tennis.”

Asked about his playing future, Federer said he didn’t know.

I don’t know, I’ll probably play for maybe four or five years. I’ll see. Who knows. Maybe I won’t even be here. I’m not thinking about it. I don’t think about it anymore.

A day earlier, Federer ended his career at the Australian Open when he played his 14th final in the Open Era

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