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Robbie Fairchild’s First New York Show

Robbie Fairchild's First New York Show

Robbie Fairchild Celebrates a Different Kind of Opening Night

“It’s always a bit like the first night, but with no record.”

It’s no secret that Robbie Fairchild is an open book and that’s why his first show at New York’s Beacon Theatre felt like an unqualified opening night. No one knew exactly what to expect, who was in the audience, and how the evening would go.

After all, this was his first show in New York City on the biggest of stages and with the star power that comes with him being in such high demand on the music scene. His set for the evening at the Beacon included some of his best songs from the past three years, as well as songs from his upcoming, long-awaited LP.

“The new song I played tonight was ‘A New Beginning,’ which is one that’s been out for a year,” he says. “The original version is much weaker. I played the newer version on the piano. I hope people heard it live; that may have helped my’rehearsal’ last night.”

But it did not work at the Beacon. He couldn’t get through the opening set. And when it was all said and done and the Beacon became a place he could call his own, it was all too much for Fairchild.

“I wasn’t prepared for something like this. I can’t even explain it. It felt very unreal. And I felt so much shame.”

As a band member, you can imagine how he felt. He has played so many festival circuit shows and shared the stage with so many legends over the last two years. “It’s always a bit like the first night, but with no record,” he says. “I’ve always been a singer. I don’t sing other people’s songs, I’m happy to sing my songs. It’s fun to sing when no one’s listening, because you can’t tell them.”

Fairchild is also a writer. It was an important part of the creation process for the new songs he’s been exploring. “The song ‘Tired’ was written after the first show I played in New York

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