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Rick Caruso is a Liberal Newspaper

Rick Caruso is a Liberal Newspaper

Letters to the Editor: How is Rick Caruso ‘earning’ Latino support?

By Paul Schulz

I am disappointed that the newspaper is attacking Caruso and his supporters. By attacking he who tries so hard to find the facts that will make this campaign a success, and who is willing to fight for that cause to the end.

One wonders if, when asked what his position is, Caruso will say, “Well, that’s what they want me to say – to say what I think to make them feel better. They want me to say that I’m the one running for office, that I’m the one making the campaign and I’ll be the one who runs it to the end. They don’t want to hear that we’re the ones that are willing to make this work at the end, and have been fighting for the support and vote that we have.”

He won’t make that statement. But if they didn’t believe that Rick Caruso is willing to fight to the end, they’d never have asked Rick Caruso for his view of the campaign and his future as an activist. I hope that’s the case.

Paul Schulz


Benevolent bigotry

There’s an old saying “You are what your paper is.” One of the characteristics of The Pioneer is that it’s a liberal paper for the liberal side of the river. I’m proud of that, and I’m even more proud of the fact that The Pioneer keeps the best interests of Cortlandtville and all of Long Island a top priority in all of its coverage.

However, it is always refreshing to read a news report from someone who actually puts his beliefs and values into an analysis of a controversial issue. The recent news coverage of the Supreme Court’s decision on the New York State Marriage Equality Act struck me as a classic example of a news report that puts its liberal beliefs above the facts.

It was a clear case of “Benevolent bigotry” that has made a great contribution to the progressive cause and has been a great tool for activism.

It took courage to challenge the archaic state law in New York that denied the right of same sex couples to marry. It took courage for an elected official, the Cortland County Sheriff, to sign a

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