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Kanye West’s Political Actions

Kanye West's Political Actions

Kanye West Is Running Out of Platforms

Kanye West has been known to do some strange things–both out of the ordinary and in the bizarre. The most shocking of which was his recent interview where he admitted to liking Donald Trump’s tweets and not caring about black people.

Now, it appears Kanye’s new album “Yeezus” will be an even more “controversial” effort than past projects, as he’s set to release a new song called “Famous,” which will be an anti-Trump, anti-MSM critique of the president’s “Famous,” the very song that he admitted to “not caring about black people”.

In an interview with BBC News, Kanye said: “I just thought it was an easy way to stand up against Donald Trump. In some ways, maybe it’s even funnier than his speech. It’s like, ‘Donald Trump is famous for telling the truth.’ And yet here I am saying the opposite of what Donald Trump says.”

The song is set to get a lot of play during the upcoming 2020 presidential election, and the question of whether it was done to troll Donald Trump or to criticize his politics has led to much speculation. However, Kanye’s reasoning is far more obvious than that with the music video and lyrics. One can only surmise that Kanye’s goal was to create a video to create more media attention for his “Famous,” and he may have succeeded.

Many see Kanye as a political maverick, but his latest act of political activism may have only been a trial of his political skills. What Kanye did may have been the most surprising, most “controversial” and “controversial” act of his career.

If and when he releases his album, this may be Kanye’s last chance to create more buzz for his work by engaging in a political controversy. The public already has a strong opinion of Kanye, and it is unlikely that more will change his mind.

Now, before anyone starts throwing Kanye under the bus, let’s put aside political differences and discuss a couple of Kanye’s previous statements.

Kanye’s support of Donald Trump – Again.

In 2006, Kanye supported Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. The political climate had only become more heated since then, and Kanye was far from the only prominent hip-hop artist with

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