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Kanye West’s Big Punz Album Could Be a Big Punz Album

Kanye West's Big Punz Album Could Be a Big Punz Album

Have Kanye West Fans Had Enough?

The past two weeks have been exhausting for Kanye West. Following a disappointing performance on Saturday Night Live on Monday afternoon in which he had to repeatedly be prompted to take a bow, Kanye broke his silence about his recent troubles. While his Twitter account claimed Kanye was “done” with his life as a performer, he still found the time to tweet out a video of his latest single “Bound 2” before it was taken down a couple of hours later.

The video for Kanye’s forthcoming single, “Bound 2” had been circulating for quite some time on the web, but this week the video had the Internet buzzing and sparked the speculation that Kanye would be teaming up with Lil Wayne this time around for his next official release.

While the rumor was started by fans on Twitter, it quickly gained traction when rapper T.I. made a similar claim in a tweet, suggesting T.I.’s label Big Punz would be involved in the project.

However, it’s been a while since Big Punz has been involved with another release, and Kanye is known these days to be one of the most hands-off producers out there. Last year’s 4:44 (his fourth studio album) was made solely by Kanye himself, with no help from Big Punz. So this might be more of a Kanye West solo project, like his last two releases, than a Big Punz project. Kanye has been a solo artist since his debut album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in 2008, which was made almost entirely by his own.

So what would make a Kanye West solo album worth the wait? There’s a lot of speculation about what such an album would be, but while the album was supposed to be the follow-up to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it wasn’t as big a hit as Kanye had hoped for. Kanye went on to describe the album as “unofficial,” and has been hesitant to call it a true sequel to his previous album. However, he’s been rumored to be working with Big Punz for quite some time now, and the only logical explanation of what he’s been up to these past couple of weeks is that he is indeed working on a Big Punz album.

So with that said, what would make a Kanye West solo project make sense

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