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How to Make Halloween Fun for Your Kids

How to Make Halloween Fun for Your Kids

Op-Ed: Become a Halloween hero — be your neighborhood’s full-size house

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were walking on our block in Rocklin to take in the beauty of all the Halloween decorations.

“I’m so glad you guys are here,” I said to my boyfriend, who was, in fact, visiting from the East Coast. “It’s nice to see you outside like this with your cute costumes,” I added.

My husband, David, and I live in a small, four-unit townhouse with our four kids, ages 12, 7, 5 and 4.

As Halloween approaches every year, the thought of our kids being exposed to “too many” costumes doesn’t even cross my mind.

It’s just me and my boyfriend who are trick-or-treating — and I love it when he and my kids are taking advantage of the night. We’ve often set up a table outside the house for that very purpose

“It’s hard to figure out what to get. I mean the kids, they’re, like, too old for the costumes. It’s just not cute. I always want to go out and play with them in the costumes,” my husband joked.

We took advantage of the opportunity to put our kids’ costumes away. Sure, I’ve always had my own idea of what I might do with my kids, but it’s always a great time to introduce them to a new way of looking at something.

“It’s nice that the kids have their own ideas. That’s what makes this fun,” I said.

It’s important to me to keep the house looking great.

I work on decorating every year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Every week, we clean, put up decorations and keep it looking awesome — from the floor to the ceiling.

The family photo on our front door is the very image of our home

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