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How I Met Rebecca Llewellyn

How I Met Rebecca Llewellyn

A Fashion Model With an Activist Streak

When I first encountered the work of a young designer who was making headlines for creating a new kind of lingerie, I was skeptical. I thought it might be too hard. I thought it might take too long. But when I saw those lingerie garments on the runway, I saw the potential beauty of the line. And that’s when I knew: I can’t wait to put this on.

I have been a fashion model for the last 16 years. I have run for office and helped plan city-wide events. And I will be a model again, and hopefully continue to run for office and start new events (though I would hope that the new events would not take as long to plan).

And as I have seen this young model’s work and become more impressed by it, I wanted to share this with the larger community of women who might also be interested in this sort of work. But first I wanted to get to know her first, and then see what I could do to help her in her work and in the world.

Her name is Rebecca Llewellyn and she is 23 years old. I think you might know her through the work of The Body Project, an organization that is working to create a body that is beautiful to look at, healthy and comfortable. I first met Rebecca when I was asked to run/walk for the organization in 2003. She had been working as a fashion model for four years and had been inspired to leave fashion modeling after suffering an injury to her leg that required her to take time off of the runway.

In her years as a model, Rebecca has worked for many different brands that are working to inspire and empower women. Because of her background in fashion modeling, Rebecca has been able to work with some amazing brands who were really excited about the direction she had put her work in. One of those brands was the brand she is now working for, and that’s All Body Models (ABM).

All Body Models is a company who creates beautiful lingerie that encourages women to feel feminine and sexy. Rebecca is being asked to create a line of lingerie for the brand.

I recently met with Rebecca and learned of her life before her modeling career. Here are some of the things about Rebecca and her life that I learned.

When Rebecca

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