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Ghosting — The Benefits of Ghosting

Ghosting — The Benefits of Ghosting

Guerrero: In defense of ghosting: It’s useful against toxic partners and politicians

I was talking about the benefits of ghosting with a friend, and we both noticed the same thing: while I live in a city, his is in a rural area.

My city has many fine restaurants and the grocery store that provides my vegetables is my favorite. I am in a neighborhood with great restaurants and stores on all the streets.

That’s my life.

In his life the closest grocery store is 20 miles away, and the closest restaurant is a 45-minute drive.

Both his and my life is very nice.

In our lives, his life is more like mine.

Now imagine the following scenario.

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year. She’s awesome, and I have a great time with her.

Then comes a time when we want to go see a concert together. I drive her to the concert and she comes home with me.

It’s not a big concert, but since she’s my wife she comes with me.

When we get home, we start to cook for each other. We put our dishes in the sink, and then go upstairs to prepare for bed while listening to music.

Before long we fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up, and look at my wife and say, “Did you really come home with me last night?”

She goes back to sleep.

I wake up again, and I see she has not moved. I ask her, “Who took the dishes out of the sink?”

She points to our bedroom door, and I see the door is open.

I open the door and take a look at my girlfriend sleeping.

I’m stunned she’s naked.

“Who took the dishes out of the sink?” I ask again.

Again, she points to our bedroom door, and I see it was open.

I close the door and think to myself, “What the hell happened last night? She had

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