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Carlos Alcaraz and Juan Martin del Potro are playing “unbelievable tennis”

Carlos Alcaraz and Juan Martin del Potro are playing "unbelievable tennis"

Carlos Alcaraz to CNN: ‘I’m playing unbelievable tennis’

(CNN) — Carlos Alcaraz and Juan Martin del Potro are playing “unbelievable tennis” and have both received lots of boos when they are on Court Suzanne Lenglen, a former French Open champion chose the courtside seats.

Alcaraz, who won the first French Open in 1992, plays on the baseline, the same side as del Potro, who is 6-foot-11 and a 6-foot-3 defender.

“It doesn’t matter what the crowd’s tone is, I’m going to be happy and focused when I’m running up court,” Alcaraz said. “You have to keep your concentration. And I’m going to give as many aces to whoever deserves the aces.”

Del Potro, who turns 29 next week, said, “I don’t know who’s booing more. I think the crowd is more excited than Carlos Alcaraz.”

In his first major final on a hard court, he broke into a 5-1 lead, but fell to the fifth seed, world No. 6, Andre Agassi.

Alcaraz said that he was happy to make his first U.S. Davis Cup final, and he’ll be playing Agassi again, too, beginning August 24.

“I think it’s a great accomplishment for the US team, for the US crowd and for the American people,” he said. “I think we have worked hard all year, and we deserve to do well. I think we’ve contributed to their (the US team’s) success, and I hope they will remember that in the future. In any case, I’m looking forward to the Davis Cup final.”

Alcaraz, whose dad is a professional golfer who was also once a member of the Argentine Davis Cup team, has a big future ahead of him.

“I have a great game,” he said. “I can’t wait

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