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Astros Commit $80 Million to Pay for the Next Four Years

Astros Commit $80 Million to Pay for the Next Four Years

ALCS: Astros Rolling Even as Jose Altuve Struggles

Jose Altuve is the latest example of an Astros star struggling with injuries of the sort that can lead to serious setbacks, like in 2010. (Gregory Payan/Getty Images)

AT&T is the world’s greatest cable TV provider, and to this point, the Astros have been able to afford it out of the pocket.

The Astros, however, may soon find they can no longer afford that luxury.

The big money, of course, is in the next four years. In the meantime, however, the Astros are rolling the dice. Their next payroll commitment is for this year — $65 million, according to the team. That’s more than the $40 million they already have committed.

But, wait, there’s more. They also committed $80 million for this year, as well. This amount is the latest commitment for the Astros to spend on contracts for years to come. That is to say, for all the money they have on hand, they have committed to spending a significant amount to keep some of their most vital players healthy.

It’s also a decision they’ll soon find out was worth the risk.

This is not exactly a new situation for the Astros, who have a history of under-investment in the most vital parts of their roster. While this decision has not been completely welcomed around Major League Baseball (particularly by the players who make up the Baseball Writers Association of America, or the BBWAA), it’s been the Astros’ decision from the minute they took ownership of the team.

But now the Astros are having to decide whether they can afford to continue that trend, or turn to the fans for more. Whether they turn to the fans for more money, or a better fan experience.

The Astros are one of the most widely seen teams in baseball. A fan in Houston can watch every game on television. That fan is also almost sure to be happy with the service and quality of the team’s product that she is watching.

In the modern age, the Astros would become a national success. But their success is almost guaranteed by the fact that their most reliable stars play elsewhere.

That makes this an interesting decision for them, and for the fans. It’s time to decide whether to continue that pattern, or put more money into the future.

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