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An abandoned dog captured the internet’s heart after being found in Mexico City park

An abandoned dog captured the internet's heart after being found in Mexico City park

Brazil police rescue dog becomes internet sensation Published duration 28 October 2015

media caption Video shows the moment police officer Pascual Hernandez captured the dog

An abandoned dog has become an internet sensation, after a man used social media to find the animal in a Mexico City park.

The dog was picked up by police, after being spotted as he wandered away from its home.

It is the latest of many famous dogs to become internet stars, with many posting pictures of their exploits using hashtags like #puppyporn.

This dog – named “Manolo”, after its handler – captured the internet’s heart.

media caption Police in Ciudad Victoria rescue a dog that has become a internet sensation

image copyright @ManoloM_N

A young man, who requested anonymity, found the dog in Ciudad Victoria park.

He said: “It wasn’t right that this was happening in Mexico City and with a dog of this nature.

“The only thing in its favour was that it was an abandoned puppy.

“The dog was so happy that it had been rescued.”

In a press conference at the scene, his handler said this was “by far” one of the most unusual cases he had seen in his career.

The video shows the dog wandering through the city of some 200,000 people.

Mr Hernandez said: “Manolo was a big pooch and he was a very happy pooch. And even though he was on the street, there was no threat at the moment from the dog’s perspective.”

The video shows a man using a cane to pick up the dog.

image copyright @ManoloM_N

Mr Hernandez said: “It’s important to highlight that this is not a typical case of an abandoned animal.

“For example, I have seen a stray cat but she wasn’t like this but it was an abandoned dog.

“This is a very dangerous situation. This is a very dangerous situation.”

He added: “He’s an abandoned dog, he doesn’t even know where he is. And it’s just amazing because a dog like that is a pet of the street.”

The dog’s owner said his previous dog was stolen the day before it was adopted.

He said he was concerned that the “pet was going to be stolen again”.

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